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Ankle Sprain and Strain

One of the most common sports injuries that often go untreated, is the common ankle sprain/ strain. An ankle sprain can be a debilitating and often painful, which can result in difficulty walking, driving and sometimes working. Early intervention and correct rehabilitation will result in a faster return to normality. So, what actually causes an […]

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FIIT Principle for injury prevention

As discussed in the first episode of the Health IQ series, overtraining can lead to some common and not so common overuse/ overload injuries. Tendon pain +/- bursitis Bio-mechanical pain Motor control issues Injury prevention (training loads/ FIIT Principle) Early injury management This week the focus will be on injury prevention and the utilisation of […]

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Overtraining: The most common signs

There are many people who train to the point where all their hours spent in the gym, is actually doing them more harm than good. So how is this possible? The word is OVERTRAINING. It happens to weight lifters, runners, elite athletes and the general everyday fitness fanatic. Overtraining occurs when the volume and intensity […]

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TRAIN SMARTER SERIES – Avoid overuse and overload injuries and pain

This is the first episode of the HEALTH IQ series on Overuse and Overloading Injuries and associated Pain. This series will cover all you need to know to avoid overuse and overload injuries and pain. Preventing pain and injury with your training and exercise allows you to maximise your training performance and exercise benefits.  This series will […]

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Dry needling is a commonly used technique within physiotherapy to reduce pain and improve muscle function.  Dry needling involves placing a very fine needle into a muscle that is tight and tender to touch. When the needle is inserted it may cause the muscle to twitch which is completely normal and this results in the […]

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PATELLA TENDINOPATHY (JUMPER’S KNEE) Anterior knee (front of knee) pain is a common and prevalent knee complaint treated and managed by physiotherapists. Patella tendinopathy, commonly referred to a as jumper’s knee is one of the more common causes behind anterior knee pain. Patella tendinopathy is localised pain and dysfunction over the patella tendon typically reported during jumping and landing, […]

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3 Most Common Early Signs of Neck Pain and Headaches

3 Most Common Early Signs of Neck Pain and Headaches. A recent publication presented on neck pain has categorised acute neck pain into 2 categories. Work related Trauma related A large majority of neck pain cases we see in clinic are work related and are cases that could have easily been prevented. The classic statement […]

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FUNDAMENTALS of Neck Pain: It is estimated that over a lifetime 70% of people will experience neck pain and at any point in time 20% of the population will be suffering from neck pain. It is also found that 50-85% of people who have experienced neck pain, will have a re occurrence within 5 years. Recently […]

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Bak Balls to prevent neck pain and headaches

Poor sitting posture is a common cause of neck pain. The classic “slumped” posture results in your chin poking forward and compressing the upper joints in the neck. This position causes aching and pain in the neck and can result in headaches. That is where BakBalls come into play.   BakBalls are ideal for reversing […]

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Is your neck causing your headache?

Is your neck causing your headache? Cervicogenic Headache or more simply, neck headache, is a secondary headache disorder. This means the headache is a result of a secondary cause – being a joint problem in your neck. In order to alleviate the headache, you need to resolve the joint dysfunction in your neck. A neck headache […]

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