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TRAIN SMARTER SERIES – Avoid overuse and overload injuries and pain

overuse and overload injuries and pain

This is the first episode of the HEALTH IQ series on Overuse and Overloading Injuries and associated Pain. This series will cover all you need to know to avoid overuse and overload injuries and pain.

Preventing pain and injury with your training and exercise allows you to maximise your training performance and exercise benefits.  This series will look at the most common and some less common overuse/overload injuries.
– Tendon pain +/- bursitis
– Bio-mechanical pain
– Motor control issues
– Injury prevention (training loads/FITT principle)
– Early injury management

To start this series, it is important to inform you of WHY people experience training injuries and pain. The number one reason is TRAINING LOAD! Without doubt!

When the training load is too much there is a very high risk of tissue failure and this results in pain and injury.
When we refer to load this does not only meant weight.


1. FREQUENCY of training
2. INTENSITY of training
3. TYPE of training
4. DURATION of training.

Any one of these 4 elements of your training program can result in your body experiencing overload and tissue failure.

If the NUMBER ONE reason training injuries occurs is LOAD, then it is no guess that the NUMBER ONE focus for avoiding or managing training injury is……. LOAD MANAGEMENT.

This series will continue to dive deeper into what factors cause or increase your risk of overuse injuries and most importantly what to do to address these and prevent or relieve overuse injury and pain.


1. If you have recently started a training program or are wanting to increase your current program. Address your training loads.
2. If you are currently experiencing injury or pain with training, look at your program and the above 4 key aspects of LOAD to determine what it is that could be causing your pain.
NB. if your currently getting pain/niggles/aches and nothing changes this will turn into an injury.
3. Stay tuned to this series as there is a lot of important information on offer that will save you from injury and pain BUT more importantly this will improve your training outcomes.

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